Forest Products Industry

Solving problems for the Forest Products Industry Through Innovation

The wood products industry presents unique problems in materials handling. The wide array of materials used and the extensive variety of functions which end users demand from their equipment means that no two problems are alike. In this challenging environment, Vibra-Pro has been solving the problems of wood products companies for nearly forty years.

Versatile and Dependable

Vibra-Pro vibrating conveyors and feeders are the most versatile and rugged handling equipment on the market today. In addition to moving material, they're capable of sorting, screening, sifting, blending and size reduction. In short, Vibra-Pro provides the perfect single solution for the multiple needs of the forest products industry.

Natural frequency: The Cost Effective Solution

Vibra-Pro conveyors and feeders are based on the principle of natural frequency. Natural frequency operation means the energy required to initially compress or extend each individual spring along the length of the pan is stored in the spring system and then released. As a result, once the springs begin to store energy, they become an energy source. This reduces the drive's power consumption by as much as 65%. The net result is that Vibra-Pro conveyors cost less to operate while providing reliable service.

Creative leadership

Vibra-Pro is much more than a manufacturing company. After over three decades of service to the forest products industry, we are leaders in creative problem solving.

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