Applied Technology

Vibrating Equipment & Technology for Industry

Solving Problems for Industry
Through Innovation

All of industry has a large number of unique problems as material handling go. The wide array of materials, particle size, densities, moisture content and temperature used in each of their processes and the extensive variety of objective goals which end users demand be focused on, means that no two problems are alike. In this challenging environment, Vibra-Pro has been a leader in innovation by taking standard engineered products and applying them in unique designs to solve problems for nearly two decades.

Versatile and Dependable Handling Equipment

Vibra-Pro vibrating equipment is some of the most versatile and rugged handling equipment offered in today's market. Conveying is just the beginning of a long list of applications from blending, cooling, drying, orientating, sizing, sorting, sifting, separation of solids and liquids and washing. In short, Vibra-Pro provides the most efficient solution to each and every customer's requirements.

Natural Frequency

The operational cost reduction of Vibra-Pro conveyors is based on the principle of natural frequency, Natural frequency is the relationship of the vibrating weight and the spring system operating at a set frequency. As the springs are initially cycled between compression and extension this energy is stored. Each of the springs becomes an energy source thereby reducing the power requirements for each conveyor by as much as 65%.

Industry Innovation with Applied Technology